Dave Lanfear Consulting is a company dedicated to providing management consultancy services to a wide range of clients in the government, commercial, leisure, sport, health and education fields of development.

Effective Quality Management is a key element of the processes which we have established to ensure that we consistently deliver the level of service and excellence of product which our clients expect and deserve.

The operational procedures include:

  • Each project enquiry is assigned a unique job reference number which is logged onto the company database. All documents received or produced and all discussions/meetings held are recorded and filed under the particular job reference number.
  • Upon clarification and confirmation of the client brief a fee basis is agreed with the client and this is recorded on the system database.
  • An initial project review is undertaken and staff resources are allocated to the project based upon the agreed fee and programme for delivery of the service and release of information.
  • A project review is undertaken to ensure the project management functions required for the particular project are appropriately detailed and tasks allocated. The project management functions can include any or all of the following actions:
    • Produce a summary of the project brief.
    • Add client and internal consultant contact details to the project database.
    • Initiate an appropriate communication plan in consultation with the client to ensure ongoing dialogue is maintained and milestones for deliverables are clearly identified.
    • Undertake an initial risk assessment and instigate appropriate amelioration measures.
    • Programme and co-ordinate site/facility analysis and inspections
    • Attend project development meetings (ongoing throughout the project development and delivery process).
    • A review of all information for compliance with project brief.
    • Undertake project progress updates in accordance with the project brief.
    • Issue invoices in accordance with agreed fee schedule.
    • Undertake draft and final project review in-house and externally with the client.

Dave Lanfear Consulting have targeted the attainment of ISO 9001 Quality Assurance accreditation as being a key goal to be achieved at the earliest opportunity.  We are in consultation with an external auditing company with a view to formalising the relevant documentation.

Dave Lanfear Consulting are committed to the provision of a high quality professional service. We understand that our clients want an open, co-operative and flexible working relationship where everyone is focused on achieving common objectives. We are therefore committed to satisfying our clients’ requirements by working together in a partnership approach with the whole project team