The projects referenced in this section were completed whilst the lead consultant was employed by separate service providers

A Guide to the WA Planning System

(Department of Sport and Recreation) A Guidance Note for Sport, Recreation and Open Space Professionals who are unfamiliar with the land use planning process in Western Australia.  It also formed the basis of a leisure officers training and development program.

ACT Motorsport Funding Program

(ACT Government) To develop a funding stream: Establishing a list of baseline standards; governance; assessment and monitoring/evaluation structure required for the delivery of a $1.5m motorsport club funding program and $0.5m motorsport grant program.

ACT Motorsport Strategy

(ACT Government) This project arose from a political commitment following a decision not to move forward with the development of a Drag Racing facility within the ACT. An $8m investment had been committed to the development of motorsport infrastructure within the ACT.  The outcome included the provision of a long-term vision and implementation strategy related…

Altone Community Infrastructure Plan

(City of Swan) The Community Infrastructure Plan was required to provide the City with a full understanding of the infrastructure necessary to meet the desired leisure, cultural and recreational experiences and activities for individuals and groups over the next twenty years within the Place Planning area of Altone.